Easy to Use

3″/4″/6″ rod pocket for quick hanging. Machine washable with mild detergent and warm water. High absorption of Light and No Reflection.

Fully Customizable

We have a special team of qualified and experienced designer who help create unique designs for customers and guide customers towards the backdrop design that perfectly fits their needs.

Best Backdrops in the Business

Professional heavy quality. Made from 165 GSM Cotton Fabric. Seamless Fabric. 100% High Quality Cotton Yarn.

Quality Backdrops for Quality Images

A good backdrop can make or break the photo, it can make the image real, it can make the image dreamy. We believe, however only in creating and making wonderful things, to let you do wonderful things with your camera. We’re always there to support artists who play with light and colour. Our backdrops hence are always exceptional in colour, quality and price, the signature behind as also the story behind wonderful images. And it can be anything from muslin studio backdrops, themed event backdrops, photography backdrops, theatre backdrops or chromakey backdrops.

Experienced and Qualified Designers

Our team consists of artists, photographers, graphic designers, conceptualisers, visualiser and the whole lot. We know the kind of finishing and work it takes to have that perfect backdrop for your needs, whether it’s your photography studio or for talk of the town event, grandiose theatre play or wondrous musicals. We translate ideas, through storyboard to perfect backdrops, just for you, so that you can tell you story. And they include muslin studio backdrops, themed event backdrops, photography backdrops, theatre backdrops, chromakey backdrops, mottled backgrounds

Cutting Edge Manufacturing

Be it the colours, dyes, paints from ISO companies all over the world or manufacturing, dyeing, painting, fabricating machines, process and controls, or state of the art machines that cut and give shape to the backdrops, we use the best machines and manufacturing process available today and care for them like kid’s clothes. After all we are a ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, certified by UKAS of UK, JAS-ANZ of Australia, ANSI of US, all accredited to IAF.

Custom Backdrops

Backdrops for all kinds of events, theatre, musicals, themed event, competition, dance and photography

Event Backdrops

Backdrops for all kinds of themed events and general events and competitions from small to very big venues

Theatre Backdrops

Backdrops for all kinds of theatre, musical, ballet from smallest to the biggest stages of the world

Photography Backdrops

Photography/Studio Backdrops of all kinds for Studiowork, Outdoor shooting and collapsibles

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    Prime Photography Inc.
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    Midge W.
    Event Manager
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    Morgan and Kelly O’Connor
    Theatre Director
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    Tiertza Eratz
    Theatre Producer
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    Johnnie Dice
    Web Designer